Thursday, June 16, 2011

Unable to Log In to Hotmail

A user of mine was having trouble logging in to Hotmail and at first I wasn't sure why it wasn't working. I cleared the cache and cookies and that didn't solve the problem. I even reset all of the browser settings to see if that helped and the problem continued. Next I ran a scan to see if any malware was causing problems and that didn't solve the problem. Finally, I noticed I didn't see the Microsoft Messenger icon in the system tray. For some reason, Messenger had been removed from the system. I figured it was worth a shot so I went to Microsoft's website and downloaded the latest version of Microsoft Messenger:

After installing Messenger the user reconnected to Hotmail and everything was working perfectly again. I'm not exactly sure why Messenger needed to be installed or needs to be running in the background, but it definitely solved the problem.

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