Monday, January 23, 2012

Windows 7 stackhash_26c1 Error - Internet Explorer 9 not Loading

I had a user that called me with a problem that Internet Explorer 9 on Windows 7 was crashing immediately after loading with a "stackhash_26c1" error. I thought a quick workaround would be to just use Chrome instead of Internet Explorer. Unfortunately, Chrome, Safari and Firefox were all crashing with the same error. I searched the net and found many sites talking about similar errors and many different solutions. Some said to reset the security settings for the browser, some said MalwareBytes and various other malware cleaners and some said I had to disable DEP. Unfortunately, none of these solutions worked for me. I was down to my last option before a reinstall of Windows and went out to see if the latest version of Hitman would fix the problem:

Hitman 3.6 -

I had already tried Hitman 3.5 and it didn't work. I've had a lot of luck in the past with difficult to clean rootkits, etc. using Hitman so I figured I would check the website to see if there was a newer version. Sure enough, Hitman 3.6 was out so I downloaded it and gave it a shot. It found the problem right off and cleaned the rootkit after a reboot of the PC. Everything worked great after that and the user couldn't be happier.

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